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Rebecca Makowski


Habitat for Humanity ReStore

What do you do in your spare time? My spare time greatly depends on the season. In the winter you can almost always find me spending time with my cat and watching documentaries or bingeing my latest Netflix obsession.

When Wisconsin weather is above freezing I love exploring Madison and attending events around the city! I am always a sucker for spending the day at the Terrace.

No matter the season I am always finding new ways to provide effective self-care and sharing them with others!

What inspires you? I find inspiration through happiness. This can be seeing others living in joy and also finding joy in my life. I have always found that the more happiness that is produced in any situation always inspires me to create more and work harder.

Why are you in nonprofit work? I am in non-profit work because I have always had the goal in life to continually help others and provide a positive impact in the people’s lives. Non-profit work flowed perfectly with my life ambitions. A lot of this was driven by my collage experience. As a legal studies major I had learned about a lot of the injustices that many individuals faced and decided that I wanted to be able to fight those injustices.

What's something quirky about you? I am absolutely terrified of butterflies. 


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